Game State on a different platform error message

Lauren -

This is a known issue when attempting to restore an account that was previously played on a different, cross-platform, device. For example, if you previously played on an Android device, then attempted to log in to your account on an iOS device, this will result in this error message displaying.

This is because Episode Profiles (Mobile Creator, Profile, Writer's Portal) are now linked to Episode Accounts (in-app reading history, Passes, and Gems). 

Now, when you log in to your email address to access features such as Mobile Creator, this will also log you in to your Episode app account. 

If you wish to use your Mobile Creator profile on a new device that is of a different platform (ie: iOS > Android, or Android > iOS), please submit a support ticket so that we can assist you with linking your email to your new Episode app account. This will allow you to continue editing your custom-made user stories on your new device.

When submitting a support ticket, please provide your email address for your Episode Profile, and your new Support ID found in the Settings menu of your app.

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