Invisible Models & iOS 10 Compatibility Issues

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Our team recently released an update for the game that should have resolved this issue. Please try updating your game using the Apple App Store.

To Update your App:

1) Tap the App Store icon on your device’s Home screen to launch the App Store app.
2) Tap “Updates” to show all available updates for the apps you have installed on your device. Find your game on this list and tap the “Update” button.
3) You may be asked for your iTunes password or e-mail address and password. Type them into the relevant fields and click the “OK” button.
4) Wait. Messages will appear as the update completes, starting with “Waiting”, followed by “Loading” and, finally, “Installing.” When the status bar is filled and the app icon returns to normal, you can use your updated app.


We deeply apologize for the current issue with the invisible models in Runway Life.

This issue is a direct result of the iOS 10 update. At this time, Runway Life is not yet fully compatible with iOS 10.

Our team is actively investigating this issue and are working towards repairing it as soon as possible. At this moment, we do not yet have an exact time estimate as to when this repair can be expected.

We apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused.

Players with an earlier version of iOS will still be able to play without issue. 

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