Hidden Agendas General Gameplay Guide

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Hidden Agendas is a story-driven hidden objects game that follows the main characters on a globe-trotting adventure to solve mysteries.


  1. Use energy to search scenes to earn clues.

  2. Trade clues for Coins and Diamonds at Fletcher's Newsroom.

  3. Use Coins and Diamonds to unlock new, higher value clues and scenes/chapters

  4. Optional Monuments can be unlocked in the Voyager's Clubhouse by spending Voyager Keys.


  • Each Chapter is a piece of the story that contains three search scenes.
  • One premium (unlocked with Diamonds) Dark Room. These are usually indicated by the name of the site on a red banner background.
  • Premium Chapters attached to the regular chapters. These are usually made up of 3 to 4 Dark Rooms that share the same "clues".
  • The main story chapters are connected by colored threads on the map.


  • Coins are the regular currency used to unlock new scenes.
  • Diamonds are a premium currency used to unlock premium chapters.
  • Film Rolls are used to unlock Dark Rooms.
  • Voyager Keys are used to search the Voyager's Clubhouse (when unlocked).


  • A time-based currency that allows for searches of scenes.


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