I'm missing my Leaderboard Event reward(s).

PGEggToken -

There is a known issue where some players may not be receiving the final tier/level of rewards that they earned during leaderboard events. This is possibly due to a number of things:

  • Players' games may not have been relaunched after the event has gone live on the servers.
  • Players' may have left their game open in the background and, due to prolonged inactivity, the game timed out (disconnected) from the server.
  • Players' Wi-fi or mobile data connection may be spotty at times during the event.

Other factors may also be the culprit, but regardless, we definitely want you to receive your earned rewards! Simply submit a support ticket with a brief description of the event, level of prizes earned, and preferably a screenshot of your final leaderboard results. We'll verify the results on our end and credit your game if any missing rewards were found.

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