[Spoilers] Epoch Grove Eternity Passage Scene List

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Keeper's Call
  Tree of Ages
  Seekers' Villa
  Mission Headquarters

Theft of Empires
  Amber Room
  Atsuta Shrine
  National Archive

Heart of the Grove
  Archive of the Grove
  Keeper's Glade
  Reflecting Pool

Curator's Flight
  Mechanic's Garage
  Aviation Museum
  Moonbase Exhibit

Timeless Gallery
  Mansion Beyond Time
  Grand Showroom
  Final Encounter

Our Enemy's Tools
  Paradox Battle
  Portal Room
  Battery Chamber

Tomorrow's History
  Moorish Modernism
  Glass Colosseum
  Steel Cathedral

Shifting States
  Steppes Showdown
  Expedition Argument
  Viking Space Program

City By The Sea
  Paris Sous La Mer
  Catfish Commute
  Cnidarian 500

  Queensbury Rules
  Thralls to the Pigeon God
  Victory over Earth

Palliative Care
  Aztex Industrial Revolution
  Flooded City
  Waste Land

Primium Non Nocere
  (Un)familiar Scene
  First Do No Harm

The Strange Visitor
  Crash Landing
  Waterfall Watcher

The Cabal's Headquarters
  Space Castle
  Echoing Hallways
  Cabal Data Center

We Hoof Made Contact
  Fly For Freedom
  Dragon In The Trench
  The Duel

Boast Of The Viking
  The Skald's Boast
  Ancestral Advice
  Frosty Preparation

Boast Of The Viking II
  Audience With The Jarl
  Gunnlaugr Rides The Goat
  The Skald Departs

Anemone Fricassee
  Sir Keon The Chef
  Liar's Dice
  Casting Off

Anemone Fricassee II
  The Rarest Melon
  Terrible Tentacles
  Succulent Strobilation

Predators Digsite
  Giant Squid

Dreamworld Digsite*
  Giant's Garden
  Corridor of Riddles
  Royal Dream Court

Journey to the West*
  Stone Monkey
  Jade Emperor's Army
  White Dragon Pillar

New Orleans Digsite*
  Twisted Bayou
  Spooky Carnival
  Jazz Funeral

Sky Adventure Digsite*
  Airship Deck
  Dirigible Dock
  Sky Whales

Road Trip Digsite*
  Route 66
  Country Road Block
  Drag Race

World Eateries I Digsite*
  American Diner
  Seoul Night Market
  French Restaurant

City of Brass Digsite*
  City Market Gates
  Plaza of Sages
  Alchemist's Lab

Hidden Agendas Digsite*
  Lion's Head Pub
  Train Delay
  Film Studio

Oktoberfest Digsite*
  Beer Garden Parade
  German Folk Band
  Festival Hall

Halloween Dreams Digsite*
  Haunted Banquet
  Nightmare Bedroom
  Witches' Coven

Breweries Digsite*
  Tasting Cellar

Space Truckers Digsite*
  Cockpit Cab
  Docking Bay
  Interstellar Cargo

Greatest Concert Ever Digsite*
  The Performance
  Sea of Faces
  Backstage VIP

Superhero Showdown Digsite*
  "Meanwhile, in the City..."
  "At our hero's home..."
  "Chaos at the zoo!"

Holiday Elkstravaganza Digsite*
  Holiday Light Parade
  Desert Christmas
  New Year's Eve 1929

Urban Stunts Digsite*
  High-Rise Stride
  BASE Jump

World Eateries II Digsite*
  Sushi Restaurant
  Russian Banquet
  Afternoon Tea

Valentine's Day Digsite*
  Chocolate Sculpture
  Rose Garden
  Romantic Dinner

Monsters Attack Digsite*
  Giant Dragonflies
  It Came From The Deep

Open Air Markets Digsite*
  Farmer's Market
  Pike Place
  Borough Market

Wishing Well Digsite*
  Down the Well
  Peaceful Glade
  Fairy Pool

World Eateries III Digsite*
  Italian Fuori Dining
  Chinese Dim Sum
  Moroccan Restaurant

Stargazing Digsite*
  Scientific Telescope
  Observer in Orbit
  Museum Planetarium

Vacation Getaway Digsite*
  Cliff Diving
  Waterfall Picnic
  Tight Spaces

Spring Events Digsite*
  Sakura Bloom
  Maypole Celebration
  Superb Sand Castle

World Eateries IV Digsite*
  Mountainside Restaurant
  Ice Palace
  Food Truck Park

Public Transportation Digsite*
  Main Street Cabs
  Tuktuk Lineup
  Bus Terminal

Fate Weaver Digsite*
  Woven Fates
  Respite Room
  Gallery of Quilts

Arcade Games Digsite*
  Claw Game
  VR Experience
  Air Hockey

Sweets Shop Digsite*
  Sweets Counter
  Ice Cream Truck
  Baked Display

World Eateries V Digsite*
  Mongolian Grill
  Greek Taverna
  Mexican Taqueria

* Premium Scenes/Digsites

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