Lost Progress when launching game UPDATED 5:50PM PST 2/5/16

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The team is now investigating issues where players who received Content Package (DCON) 427 around 5:30pm PST are experiencing lost progress when launching their games. While we further investigate this issue, we advise players to try full-closing their app and relaunching it. We will update this article with developments as they arise.

UPDATE: We're working on seeing if there's a more "automatic" way of fixing the players whose games are affected by this. In the meantime, it appears that this issue is resolved with a reinstall of the game to force it to pull the correct backup from our servers. Please note that after a reinstall, you will tend to see more "Your Puzzle is Downloading" messages as well as orange loading circles for some time, as the game needs to re-download many of the game files needed as you request them. This is normal behavior.

First, try turn your device completely off for a few minutes to ensure adequate memory for the next steps:

1) Uninstall Secret Passages (press down on the app icon for a few seconds until it "wiggles" and tap the "X")
2) Restart your device by powering it off completely for about 30 seconds to let the memory clear, and then turn it back on
3) Download Secret Passages again from the iTunes App Store.

Make sure the device does NOT go to sleep while the game downloads.

When the app is done installing, launch it and log into your Pocket ID to recover your game's progress if necessary. The game may need to close itself to load your data, do not be alarmed. Just go ahead and relaunch the game.

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