Holidinghy Upgrades and Tinsel Collection

Liz -

The Holidinghy is a free ship for the Holidays! Players are given the ship and then can upgrade it by completing the Tree of Gifts quests that appear each day.

The quest appears each day and the tree can be harvested every 24 hours. Be careful not to collect from the tree until the quest appears so you will get your tinsel!

Don't worry if you miss a collection or two, you'll still have the opportunity to completely upgrade the dinghy at the end of the quest.

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    Dorothy Filan

    Hi! Is there a way to open the lands under build a sword maker and build a spyglass from a year ago once those challenges have passed? I have completed all the other lands and would like to do more. Since these are not hidden area but rather ones that were not accomplished back then, I was wondering if they would become available again. I love this game! Thanks, Dottie filan

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