Why is my game taking up so much space?

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As Secret Passages grows in content, the size of the game will also increase. For advanced players, sizes exceeding 4GB is not unheard of.

When I download the app and/or updates from iTunes, it shows Secret Passages as less than 100MB in size, why is it so much larger now?

While Apple has very strict restrictions on app size, these rules do not apply to the art and other assets the game can request from our servers to run. You can think of Secret Passages as a train: the locomotive that contains the engine is the "app", and all the cars attached to it are the "assets" that include all the art, sounds, and other features in the game as they're requested by the player.


Can I delete the Secret Passages files I don't need to clear up space?

Unfortunately, Apple iOS devices do not allow the deletion of cached game files without completely uninstalling the app.


Okay, I want to reinstall my game. How can I do this?

Please refer to this FAQ page, and scroll down to the last section with instructions on how to reinstall while preserving your game progress, and preview the necessary steps before beginning. Please note that your game will need to re-download any necessary assets as you play through the game, and will eventually grow in size on your device, but be somewhat reduced compared to before. If you encounter any issues, please submit a support ticket so that we can further assist you.

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