Maddie's Magical Compass (Jewels)

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Where do I find the jewels I've crafted? You can find your jewels by tapping Menu > Equipment > Equip. Alternatively, you can tap on the "Jewels" button from the Tinkerer's Workshop screen.
How do I equip jewels?

Simply tap on and drag jewels to the square slots in Maddie's Magical Compass. Once the jewels are in the slots, the bonuses that are displayed above the slots are active.

*Please note that the first purple slot can only equip Sunstones, the second green slot can only equip Emeralds and Garnets, and the last three blue slots are able to equip all other jewels.

What do each of the jewels do?

Sapphire: Boosts your item find score in search scenes.

*Useful for scoring challenges and quests!


Emerald: Reduces your search energy cost.

*Great to equip after your energy has charged to full so you can get the most benefit out of it!

  Diamond: Increased your building items drop rate in dig sites.

Sunstone: Increased chance for a bonus shovel.

*Instead of getting just 3 shovels after every 6 searches, you can now get a chance at 4 shovels!

  Quartz: Boosts the amount of time you have to combo in between searching relics.

Garnet: Increases the maximum amount of energy you can hold when saving up energy.

*Good to equip before going to bed or taking an extended break between playing.

  Aquamarine: Reduces upgrade costs when upgrading sites with more relics.
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