The Tinker

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How do I access the Tinker? The Tinker's Workshop can be accessed by tapping Menu > Equipment > Craft. If you do not have an Equipment button yet, keep playing!
What can he make? The Tinker can craft powerful Mystic Jewels that you can equip in Maddie's Magical Compass to give you various boosts to your gameplay. The tinker also crafts Ruby Tree Seeds, shovels, and shovel smith anvils, each on a cooldown.
Where do I find the parts to make a particular gem? Each jewel has pieces that you can collect from various search scenes around the world. Tap on a jewel to be directed to their respective location. These pieces act like relics in search scenes--you can use them as a way to keep your combo going! Please note that these relic pieces are not listed in the search items at the bottom of a search scene, and are limited to the normal search sites in regular zones (i.e. not in the one premium site in each zone).
How do I craft Ruby Tree Seeds, Shovel Smith Anvils, and Shovels? Tap the small blue Left arrow in the crafting menu to view "Other". You can craft those items here assuming you have the appropriate materials.
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