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I want to uninstall or reinstall my game. If you are an Android user, we strongly advise against uninstalling your game as there is no guarantee that your save data will be recovered. If you are an iOS user, we strongly recommend signing up for a Pocket ID in order to save your game progress to our servers before attempting any kind of reinstall. In either case, please submit a support ticket so that we may assist you in the process.
I want to reset my game back to the beginning, how do I do that? Please submit a support ticket requesting to clear your game progress. Please note that this process is IRREVERSIBLE, so be entirely sure of your decision before submitting a request.
I'm sure that I want to reinstall. Tell me how. (iOS only)

Please follow these steps closely, as they are all critical to making sure your game state is preserved through the process. If for any reason you get stuck on a step, submit a support ticket so that we can assist you further. Please also note that after a reinstall, you will tend to see more "Your Puzzle is Downloading" messages as well as orange loading circles for some time, as the game needs to re-download many of the game files needed as you request them. This is normal behavior.

First, try turning your device completely off for a few minutes to let the memory clear, then turning it on again. If this doesn't fix your issue (this step is to ensure adequate memory for the next steps, but can sometimes actually fix any game problems you may be experiencing), move on to the next step.

If you haven't already, please set up a Pocket ID and sign in (this step is CRITICAL). This will help your game create a save point on our servers so that we can reinstall your game. You can set up a Pocket ID account by doing the following:

1. Tap Menu in the bottom right
2. Tap Settings
3. Tap Account

Once you have your Pocket ID, log in on your game and let it sit for at least a couple minutes to make a checkpoint on our server. Alternatively, make sure you're logged in to your Pocket ID. The Account screen should say "Switch User" at the top if you're already logged in. Close your game as you would normally by pressing the Home button on your device, and let it sit for an additional minute or two.

Once this is complete
1) Uninstall Secret Passages (press down on the app icon for a few seconds until it "wiggles" and tap the "X")
2) Restart your device by powering it off completely for about 30 seconds to let the memory clear, and then turn it back on
3) Download Secret Passages again from the iTunes App Store.
***Make sure the device does NOT go to sleep while the game downloads.***

When the app is done installing, launch it and log into your Pocket ID. The game may need to close itself to load your data, do not be alarmed. Just go ahead and relaunch the game.

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