Howling Crypt

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Where is the Howling Crypt/Frozen Cavern/Aviary/Lilypad Temple?

Howling Crypt - found in the desert area southeast of Oxford.

Frozen Cavern - found in the icy area east of the Night Realm Portal.

Aviary - found east of the Clocktower in City of Secrets in the area with colorful trees.

Lilypad Temple - found to the right of the Crisis Passage in Epoch Grove.

What do I do here? You can spend Power Tokens here to earn coins, rubies, and the occasional energy power-up.
What are these special items I'm finding in these? These special items are construction material items to unlock the particular dunes active in your desert area at the given time. They go into your backpack so even if you miss out on the timer for the dune, you carry the items over until the next time that particular dune appears! 5 dune construction relics are needed to initially open dune sites. On all subsequent opening attempts, 7 dune construction relics are required.
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