Energy Power-Ups

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How does energy work? Energy generates at a rate of one (1) energy every minute. You use energy to search scenes.
What are Candy Bars, Coffee, and Superfruits? These are powerups that grant you instantaneous energy. Candy Bars grant 25 energy, Coffee grants 50 energy, and Superfruits grant 100 energy.
How does the Energy Drink power-up work? The Energy Drink grants you a full hour of unlimited search energy to be used to search scenes in Secret Passages.
How many Energy Drinks can I hold? You can only hold one (1) Energy Drink at a time. It will stay in your inventory until you choose to use it.
Why does the cost increase so drastically every time I buy an energy power-up? Using energy items has a hidden "cooldown" of 48 hours where the cost continuously goes up progressively as you use more. This is to smooth out energy consumable use during certain events, as energy equates to time, the greatest resource in this game.
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