Dig Sites

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What is the point of completing these digsites? Digsites allow for ruby trades at Kingston's trading post.
I can't find X item in the digsite! Digs are randomized, so what you get in one dig has no bearing on the next. However, there are things working behind the scenes to prevent a massive streak of bad luck. If you really can't find that last item you need, consider using an Earthshine ore to get it. If you feel like there is definitely something wrong and you have NEVER seen the item you need come up, please send us a support ticket detailing your issue.
What's this Earthshine Ore up in the top right corner do? Earthshine ore is a very valuable item that can only be obtained during events at the slots game in Maya. Using an Earthshine Ore allows you instantly receive a digsite construction material of your choice. Awesome!
Why can't I complete the Oxford dig site? Oxford's dig site does not have materials to be found, and thus cannot be "completed". It serves as a site that the player can always use shovels in if all other digs are complete.
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