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What does unlocking new relics do? The number of relics you've unlocked is an indication of your progress level in the game. Also, new relics you unlock can be traded in at Kingston's Trading Post for currencies like coins, moonstones, and rubies.
What are these relics in some sites that I can collect, but are not listed in the search items? These special relics are pieces of jewels that you can craft at the Tinkerer to give you extra boosts to your gameplay. Keep an eye out for them! They're also very useful for maintaining your searching combo while you look for listed relics.
Why do some people have animations in their scenes but I do not? A few select scenes contain animated objects for flair. If you do not see these, the feature may be disabled to improve performance on older devices. Do note, however, that this feature is currently disabled in City of Secrets due to a known bug.
I used a flashlight power-up and the relic it revealed is invisible. This is a rare known issue that some players have experienced. Please submit a support ticket with a screenshot of the scene so that we can report and investigate your issue.
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