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How do I use a power-up? Simply tap the powerup you wish to use on the bottom right of the screen.
How do I get more power-ups? You can find most power-ups inside dig sites.
How many power-ups can I have at a time? You can have all 5, but can only hold up to 250 of each at a time. If you are at 250, you won't find any more of that particular power-up until you spend some of them.
Auto-Find (Metal Detector) Find three of the currently listed relics in a scene instantly.
Camera Shows you an image of what one of the relics you are searching for looks like.
Flashlight Highlights a relic.
Freeze Time (Stopwatch) Freezes the scene timer for ten seconds (does not affect combo timer).
Magnifying Glass Temporarily gives the you a magnifying glass that you can drag around the screen for a short amount of time. It will light up a colour between red to green. Red being the farther you are from an object, and green being closer.
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