Monster Guild Battle Leaderboard and Prize Distribution (Updated Aug 18)

Liz -

Why are the team names showing twice on the leaderboard?

We introduced a new feature called Global Leaderboards in conjunction with this event. These new leaderboards were intended to provide both players and teams with an ongoing rank of their performance across our the entire global player base. However, in this case, there was a bug which caused the team names to be displayed twice during the weekend Battle Event.

We were able to identify this issue quickly and are working right now to correct this glitch in future events. We are so sorry for the confusion this bug caused over the weekend event and appreciate all the players who wrote in to alert us to this problem.


How will rewards work if everything is displayed twice? Won't my team get lower rewards?

We absolutely wanted to ensure that all players and team received the same rewards they would have earned if there had not been duplicate name on the leaderboards.

After careful consideration we decided to expand the number of teams who could win each prize at each level. For example: in a normal guild battle only the top 2 teams would receive a ship, but for this event the top 4 teams would. The top three teams would have received the cannon, but we expanded it the top 6 - and so on down the prize list. In the event that the duplicate entries interfered with the event rankings this would still allow players to earn the correct rewards.

Many players wrote in expressing concern that team would receive double rewards. As it turned out, the duplicate leaderboard listings did not interfere with the prize distribution and duplicate rewards were not an issue! As of 1PM PDT on Aug 18th all the rewards have been distributed. If you have not yet received the rewards please full-close and relaunch your game before filing a ticket!

Thanks for reading and we will continue to update this post as necessary!

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