What is This Loading Message In My Campus Life Game?

John -

The loading feature for Campus Life works with your device's Game Center to save your game to our servers. Please be advised that when tapping the initial message appears you will want to tap on "No" and "Keep" if you are playing only on one device. This will ensure that your current game is being saved onto the servers.

If you are playing on multiple devices and would like to ensure that one of the device's progress is the one being saved you will want to launch the most recently played game and then tap on "No" then "Keep" to save the game you are on onto our servers. Once you launch your Campus Life game on your other devices you will be able to say "Yes" to loading after having done this.

If you are transferring games to a new device, please be sure to Select "Yes" when the pop-up asked when you launch Campus Life for the first time.

To play on separate devices and prevent them from syncing together, please sign out of Game Center to prevent it from loading onto the other devices.

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