I want to transfer my Paradise Cove game to a new device. How do I do this?

John -

We are now able to transfer games from one device to another using Game Center. Please make sure that both devices are login to the same Game Center account as well as both devices being on the same game version. 

Once you launch the game on your second device, you should see your game automatically transferred over if you are under level 3. If you are above level 3, your new device will prompt you to load a saved game from our servers. Please tap YES to the Load Saved Game message. Tapping NO or "Keep Current Game" will result in your game being overwritten with a level 1 game, which we will not be able to recover.

Please note:

  • This is strictly for iOS and not for our Android or Kindle Fire users. 
  • Also, we highly suggest using this transfer method to transfer your game only and not to use this to play your game on multiple devices as you could potentially ruin your game state.


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