How do I find my Support ID?

John -

In Paradise cove, to get your Support ID:

1.) Click the hammer icon.
2.) Click 'Settings'.
3.) Click the blue "About" button.
4.) Please click the yellow box labeled "Support ID". A 10-long string of letters and numbers should appear.

Please copy and paste this number and send it back to us so we can look further into this issue.

For clarification, your Support ID should NOT look like this or be in this format: v.6.1-193,0f9acd01

Make sure to tap on "Support ID"!


If you cannot open your game, you can locate your Support ID by:

1) Tap the 'Settings' on your device 

2) Scroll down to the game you are having issues with

3) Tap on the game you are having issues with

4) Copy / Paste your Support ID to your support ticket

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