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Cyberbullying -- We have a system in place to help remove cyberbullies from our platform, but some may still slip through. Please do not hesitate to report the behavior to us to help prevent future cases. Cyberbullying includes, but is not limited to, all of the below:

  • Abusive comments, hate speech, harassing messages - incessant, threatening, sexual or otherwise.
  • Posting negative content or creating content that paints other members in a negative/hurtful light.
  • Inciting violence or harassment towards Episode, Episode Community members, or Episode staff.
  • For more information on bullying and how to prevent it:

Tips: Creators, you can turn off Fanmail, as well as delete/report comments that you find threatening, hurtful, abusive, or invasive. If you feel concerned please contact Support.

**If you believe someone is in immediate danger, please call their local authorities.**    

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