Songs, Brands, Celebrities and Children

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Songs, Brands, Celebrities and Children:

  • Songs and Brands
    • One-time use of a very limited amount of song lyrics may be allowed. Characters may sing these or they can appear coming out of radios, etc.
    • Passing references to brands are allowed. An example being: “I love Oreo cookies.”
    • Brands cannot be a plot point or drive the story.
  • Real People and Places
    • No celebrity images or illustrated likenesses are allowed on backgrounds, overlays or story cards.
    • References to celebrities are allowed in stories, e.g.,: “Taylor Swift is my favorite singer.”
    • Celebrities may NOT appear as characters.
    • Celebrities cannot be a plot point or drive the story.
  • Story cards, backgrounds or overlays cannot contain brand references or celebrity likenesses
  • Story cards, overlays or backgrounds cannot have children (under the age of 16) be the focus. A parent holding an infant is okay. The focus is the parent. Children playing on a playground would also be okay as the focus is the playground. A close up of a child on a swing would not be.
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