Can't find Search, User Stories, Mobile Creator, or Episode Profile features.

Lauren -

The team has recently updated Episode which has temporarily changed the availability of some features in the app. This includes:

  • Search
  • User Stories
  • Episode Profile
  • Mobile Creator

If you are unable to see these features in your app, we would like to reassure you that they will return to your app within the next few weeks! 


If you wish to read User Stories, but are unable to use the Search feature or view Genres in the menu:

You can read User Stories using their Sharelink. 

You can get Sharelinks by asking authors on the Episode Official Forum, or by sending us a Support Ticket with the Title and the Author name of the story you want to read and we will do our best to get you that link.


If you wish to write a story, but do not have access to Mobile Creator:

You can start writing stories using Writer's Portal at any time.

To preview your Writer's Portal story, you can use your Sharelink provided by Writer's Portal to preview your story in the app. Your Sharelink is under the section that says:

Share your story with friends!
Your shared story will update each time you save chapters without errors.


If you wish to create an Episode Profile:

You will be able to create an Episode Profile once this feature is returned to your app in the next few weeks!


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